Defined Visage

Defined Visage is located within Sacred Skincareapy:

911 E San Antonio Dr, Suite 4
Long Beach, CA 90807

HOURS: Tues-Thurs 9:30am-6pm Sat 10am-6pm

Click to Call: +1 (562) 247-0506
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Deposits: PayPal.Me/DefinedVisage.

Microblading 3D Eyebrows is our specialty...

We also offer Permanent Makeup for Lips & Eyes, plus Color Correction and Spot Removal services.

Defined Visage can help you start your day with an ego boost when you see your natural, youthful look.

You can enjoy the freedom of an effortless beauty routine that Microblading & Permanent Makeup can provide! Contact us using the form below with any questions you may have, or to set an appointment.

NOTE: We accept all major credit cards and cash. No checks please. Deposit Required for all services ($50 down for procedures less than $200 or $100 down for procedures over $200)